Drywall Bevel Test: Shadow Box

  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Light box constructed from Nema 1, powder coated steel electrical box (light box).
  • Zinc-plated music wire springs.
  • 3030 SS set-screw locking collars.
  • 303 SS ¼” round bar shafting.
  • 120v floodlight LED fixture.

Note: All electrical to Nema box by others. Calibration and setup as instructed.

Inline Creaser Assembly for 48" and 54" Board

  • Creaser table complete with fabricated mild steel support table.
  • Creaser tables.
  • Pillow block bearings.
  • 8-head (3 - left and right adjustable, 2- fixed) with twin adjustable tables and independent adjustable creasers.
  • All creaser heads to have fine thread adjustment.
  • Creaser head clear safety covers.
  • Includes creaser hub and creaser wheels made D2 material (for paper or fiber).
  • All exposed parts levers and hardware and shafts to be stainless steel.
  • Table/frame height to suit plant paper train.
  • Conveyor table and creaser heads to be primed and finish coat to be confirmed.
  • Includes (1) set for drawings approval and (1) set of final drawings.

Accelerator Ball Mill, 16"

  • Fabricated steel welded construction.
  • Slot inlet and outlet.
  • Packing gland seals.
  • Cooling chamber (Water Jacket).
  • Heavy duty shaft bearings.
  • Cooling section 4 gal. water/min.
  • (2) coupling connections for water cooling chamber to eliminate air pockets.
  • Cleaned, primer and finish painted.
  • 25 HP drive package shaft mounted motor and reducer on ball mill for testing.
  • Grinding balls 1000 lbs. included carbon steel. Shipped in barrel, installed onsite by others.

Boot Holder Assembly: Adjustable Boot Holder

Leveling Bars

Forming Plates

Roller Coaters: 6", 8" and 10"

Boardline Rollers, Grouping, Dryer and Dryer Infeed: Rollers Built to Your Specifications